UPDATE: MARCH 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

To Our Valued Sterling Team, Customers, and Vendors:

We know you are counting on our Team and we are here to serve you!

Certainly, we are all struggling with the impact of Covid-19 and it is not business as usual.

The first task of every day is assuring a healthy and safe workplace.

Next, our team assesses the challenges before them and then take charge to get things done. Being part of the essential supply chain is demanding and we are doing our best to maintain the service levels you expect. Great care has been taken to secure adequate inventory, secure supply lines, and most importantly secure our stellar sta? to e?ectively service your needs going forward.

We are committed to providing goods and services to all essential workplaces across Ontario, Canada, and USA.

Our team is critical in the manufacturing and supply of essential products to the medical, healthcare, food, packaging, legal, stationery, and government sectors. These industries are counting on Sterling and our team is adapting daily to meet each new challenge.

The safety of our people is paramount with everyone staying vigilant, working remotely or physically distancing in the workplace. Every precaution is being taken to make sure we all stay healthy in the workplace, at home, and when out in public.

Thank you to our Sterling team, and community partners who are meeting the challenges of Covid-19. We will continue to keep you updated of any changes.

Bob Schram


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MARCH 20, 2020

To our Sterling Team and Community Partners



The health and wellbeing of our Sterling community is what matters most as we all battle COVID-19. Our Pandemic Plan has been in operation since early February and our team has worked hard to protect us. We have been monitoring all the updates from the health unit, federal, provincial and local agencies for expert advice and direction.

Safe physical distancing within the workplace, internal electronic communication, alternate work schedules, work from home programs, restricted production, plus aggressive hand washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting protocols have been implemented to keep everyone safe. Only essential service personnel and mission critical service providers are allowed to enter.

All of our team have been instructed to exercise heightened awareness for safe physical distancing and social concern in their individual activities at work and at home. COVID-19 is a new world order that none of us have ever experienced and changing our behaviours is critical in defeating COVID-19.

                          Old habits must be changed to protect us all!


With the complex concerns around COVID-19 evolving hourly in our communities and around the world, it is clear that we must all do our part to protect and help. We continue to update our knowledge, actions, and reactions to keep our Sterling Team members safe and support our customers who are critical to keeping manufacturers and service providers. For a safe physically distanced interaction please visit us at www.sterling.ca where we can serve you from afar.


Hundreds of small and large businesses, health care providers, government agencies, food processors, medical supply producers, essential good manufacturers, government offices and communities rely on us to provide the products and services they need to continue operations in this uncertain time. We are taking all possible precautions to protect our team members as they work to serve the needs of the community and their co-workers.


We are proactively managing our supply of products to ensure we continue to have what is needed. As one would expect, this is not a time for “business as usual” and our exceptional team is proving that they are anything but “usual” as they step up to minimize the hardship in our communities.


To minimize the impact of this pandemic, we need to come together, be kind and caring, responsible, with each of us doing our part to keep each other safe and healthy.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone on our Sterling Team for your intelligent and cautious actions as we try to maintain the service levels required.

We will work with the local, provincial and federal agencies to help our team members deal with the economic hardship of COVID-19.



Bob Schram
CEO Sterling Marking Products Inc.