Envelopes Galore: Address Stamps, Invitations, Embossers and More!

By: Paige Schnarr


Custom stamps for all of your envelope needs! These stamps can create a customized message for many different occasions. Personalize your stationery with any one of our timeless templates! Easy to use and adds a lovely touch to letters and envelopes. Look below for the different uses and types of marking products you can add to your collection today!


Return Address Stamps

Monogrammed and custom name stamps are a perfect add-on to any plain envelope. Provide your return address in a stylish and unique way, by choosing a stamp that works best for you! Our rubber mount, pre-inked and self-inking stamps provide comfort and ease, and can also be customized to your text of choice.



Embosser seals differ from stamps because of their unique ability to make a crisp raised image design. Adding texture and a 3-D element is sure to make a good impression on the receiving end. Inserts are interchangeable, allowing for a variety of uses. Choose from one of our many embossers, including our MarkMaker embosser, desk or pocket seal to start imprinting!



Purchase any one of our stamps or embossers for yourself or even as a wedding, housewarming or holiday gift! Useful for any stationary purpose and are a thoughtful and affordable way to make your envelopes personable.