The Key to A Memorable Business Card

By: Paige Schnarr


Business cards act as a direct reflection of the company or personal brand you represent. They can make or break when it comes to impressing important people and presenting yourself in a professional manner. When handing out these cards, you should be confident that they embody an accurate representation of how you would like others to see your business.

Below are some important aspects to keep in mind when designing your one-of-a-kind business cards:



Words should be clear and easily readable. Your business card should include what your service or job title is, your name, a logo, contact information (phone & email), company address and company website, as well as social media handles, if deemed appropriate for your business.


Embossing & Stamping

Utilize embossers and stamps on coloured cardstock to make things pop! Using a stamp or embossed seal adds the perfect subtle yet special touch to your business card.



Keep brand colours and colour theory in mind when designing your cards. Use a colour scheme that best fits with your company. Try to use 2-3 colours in order to keep things cohesive.



Choose from one of our awesome raised print business cards to add some extra texture and a unique aspect that no one will forget. These one-of-a-kind designs are a simple way to impress others and they are sure to hold onto them longer!