How to Stay Organized in 2019

By: Paige Schnarr


With a new year comes new resolutions, yet productivity and organization seem to fall on the list every year. Staying organized through a chaotic week might be the greatest solution in order for things to feel a little less hectic.

With these few tips, not only will you save time and energy, you will avoid making organization a continuous resolution every year!                                                                              

Custom Whiteboard Calendar




Perfect and easy-to-use, our custom whiteboard calendars fit in any home, office or school space. Customizable to your organizational needs, this whiteboard calendar can be created into a weekly menu planner, to-do list, chore chart and more! The possibilities are endless! For a special touch, add a family photo and last name to make for a heart-warming gift! Check out more of our designs on the Sterling website under ‘Custom Home Whiteboards’.  

Labels, Labels, Labels

Labelling your belongings play an important role in the overall organization of your home or office. By assigning your things a label, it ensures every item has a proper place. Stamping adds personalization, while assisting in keeping things in sight. Great to use for journal covers and the insides of books!                                                                                            

Date Stamps


With a busy schedule, dating important papers or memories is a must! The convenience and quick ability to date stamp instead of hand-writing the date saves a lot of time. A reminder of when a document was received can be necessary to organizing loose papers or your workspace. Date stamps are also perfect for scrapbooks and other memorabilia!


2019 Planner with Stamps

Having a planner or journal that you can take with you on the go is essential to staying on top of reminders and events. Make things extra fun by purchasing our custom stamps to decorate your planner and make productivity feel like less of a grueling task.                             

--Conquer the new year with these tricks to tidy up your life!