Smart and Printex Price & Label Gun Products

For everyday price marking, coding, and dating.

Smart and Printex Price & Label Guns

All of these price and label guns come as a kit that includes a labeller with an ink roll, 10 rolls of labels, and a replacement ink roll. The 7 bands give you greater flexibility and has a universal layout - can be $00.00 or 00,00$. The 8 band open code dater is also universal and can be YYYMMDD or DDMMYY.

Interchangeable Slug:

  • Create your own custom slug
  • Use 1 price marker for multiple messages

Information and Downloads

Smart and Printex Price & Labels Guns

Universal Labels for Smart and Printex

22 x 12 mm - Labels for Smart 7, Smart 8, Contact, and Garvey

26 x 16 mm - Labels for Smart 10+7

26 x 12 mm - Labels for Printex Z S+7

Price & Label Gun Accessories

Custom Slug for Printex ZS+7

Ink Rolls