CIM Embossers/Indenters
CIM Embossers/Indenters
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  • 7C4427DF-02F0-03BC-41C3A2080308BDC4
  • 7C4ED666-D326-8A74-6764DA5774514C9D
  • 7E238118-C9E8-2992-ACBB2950E18F2E77
  • 7E3A1B62-A5B2-62DB-9525990B00FC7AA0

CIM Embossers/Indenters

Metal Plate Embosser

  • Built in touch screen 7”, multi-language user interface management.
  • Designed for medium to high volume production process.
  • The ME1000S and ME2000S are equipped with a unique clamp for plates of different dimensions and materials as well as a large selection of fonts.
  • Once embossed, the metal tags can be placed in an external collection tray via a side eject mechanism or stacked in a FIFO output stacker.
  • Dimensions: 24.8 in x 27.7 in x 19.7 in
  • Click here to check out the following video on the CIM Embossers/Indenters