DIY Name Stamp
DIY Name Stamp
  • DIY Name Stamp
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DIY Name Stamp

Personalized Rubber Stamp Kit

  • Makes printing your name simple, clear, and quick!
  • Oil based water proof ink makes it useful for stamping on plastic, metal, cloth, and wood!
  • Characters can be freely rearranged. 13 characters max.
  • Ironing is not required after stamping on the cloth.
  • Comes with an alignment guide that helps you make clear impressions. The alignment guide can also be used as a stand for the DIY NAME STAMP.
  • The cap on the holder part allows you to store it without getting ink on any surface after use.
  • 1 Xstamper QuiX Ink included.
  • Click here to watch our DIY Name Stamp Video

As Low As $33.95

DIY Name Stamp

DIY Name Stamp