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Kid Friendly Face Shield

Kid Friendly Face Shield

Specialty child sized washable face shields to keep kids safe and be seen!

  • Includes 3 sheets of customizing decals and two (2) face shields per pack.
  • The FS1500 Sterling Kid's Shield is a comfortable and functional plastic face shield that offers full coverage of face, neck, and hairline, against splash and splatter. Comfortably worn over prescription eyewear and face masks.
  • Strong easy-to-use adjustable headband makes for a custom and secure fit and is made from food grade polymer that does not absorb bacteria.
  • Designed to be comfortable when seated.
  • Made from waterproof materials to easily clean with warm soapy water or disinfecting wipes - no latex, no absorbent materials such as foam, fabric, or elastics.
  • Heavy duty materials for active kids
  • The shield is 11.7”W x 7.85”H. The headband is fully adjustable for ages 3-14
  • DISCLAIMER: Face shield intended to be worn with PPE and is not rated for impact or high heat. Do not use for protection against chemicals, hazardous substances, or light. This device has not been tested or qualified to prevent or reduce infection, and does not provide particulate filtration. This non-sterile device has not been disinfected or cleaned. Replace if cracked, pitted, or heavily scratched.