Close up on crisp embossed certificate made by T2E embosser, with blue Mark Maker T2E embosser blurred in the background
E-3 Electric Embosser
Grey, E3 electric embosser with Mark Maker logo on the front; on white background with shadow beside.

E-3 Electric Embosser

Embossing single sheet certificates, diplomas and legal documents is instantaneous and accurate with correct positioning every time

  • Single hand operation
  • Pressure adjustment
  • 1-1/2", 1-3/4" or 2" Seal diameter
  • Options Available: Foot pedal, push button, guide shelf & security lock (as shown), visual counter
  • Contact us to create your design
As Low As $570.95

E-3 Electric Embosser

Embosser with text seal included
Custom Seal for E-3