PS Upright
  • 8563DD04-0A1D-D386-5DC17EAD996A842A
  • BF2AFE98-EDD3-1D9B-69C65C1C337FD0E2
  • BF2B002B-D4F3-1B8B-36A3B0DBE24EE2D0
  • MaxLight stamp frame for select part numbers. Base is beige, flat cube with black and beige cube on top for the handle.
  • Grey
  • Guide for which ink refill to buy/production of stamp characters. Flush characters -MaxLight, Raised character- PS Upright

PS Upright

A custom stamp for high repetition on bond paper.

  • Pre-inked, no stamp pad required
  • Re-inkable, 25,000 impressions before re-inking
  • Ergonomic stamp design with handle base adjustment for ink density
  • See 'Comparison Chart' image for which part number corresponds with which handle style
  • As of April 2023, our production method has changed to offer a much improved impression. See our Know Which Ink image, to ensure the correct ink refill is purchased
As Low As $44.35
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