How to Use Custom Stamps for Small Businesses

By: Paige Schnarr


Stamps have many different creative uses, one being in the business world of branding. Small businesses can capture their special flare with the use of custom stamps to help convey their overall brand image and story. With a variety of types and sizes to choose from, stamps are not only affordable but also economically-friendly, especially compared to printed labels and packaging. Exemplifying an authentic and personal look and feel, stamping becomes a special way to create brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Here are some ways your local business can utilize stamps in everyday practices:

1. Packaging


Whether it may be a take-out or shopping bag, stamping your packaging creates a long-lasting impression on any customer. For crisp contrast, use one of our rubber, self or pre-inked stamps to brand your company’s logo on any Kraft paper packaging or shopping bag like the photos above!

2. Home-made & Craft Businesses

Stamping makes the experience of receiving or purchasing something exceptionally personal. If your business specializes in hand-crafted items, keep the crafty and simplistic atmosphere by implementing stamps into any of your crafting ventures. A small but mighty add-on like this reminds consumers that the product was hand-made especially for them. By hand-stamping, the purchaser is able to see the extra care and time that was put into the packaging, increasing the likelihood of future repurchases and returning customers.

3. DIY Business Cards

Add a personal touch to your business cards by using a custom stamp! By stamping your logo, social handles, name and contact information, a rustic and unique business card will stay a memorable and important brand awareness tool for years to come. Use more than one XStamper like the photo above for variety and complete customization!

4. Stationery

Not only great for postage, but also thank you notes; stamped stationery establishes a personalized way of thanking a customer while being cost and time efficient! Customize your stationery with your logo or any saying with our variety of stamps and designs. By utilizing stamping, each piece of stationery stands out and is different from one another, creating a much more unique impression compared to that of print.

5. Product Tags

Branded product label tags are an essential and large part of any brand or business. By showcasing your logo and attaching the tag to the product, label tags may be one of the first things that catch a consumer’s eye. Adding a brand stamp to a tag is a simple yet effective way to represent your business. The label tag in this photo combines 2 stamped impressions to show a clear representation of the brand name and logo with the contrasting red and black stamps.

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