Make Stamps and Money in Minutes!



  • Custom stamps on-site in minutes
  • Very high profit margins
  • Build customer traffic
  • Up to 50,000 stamp impressions
  • More than 150 different pre-formatted designs
  • Pre-inked, refillable and fast drying
  • Great for text, signatures, graphics, logos and photos!
  • PC running Windows 10 or 11 required

Standard Package $895.00

  • 1 FREE Stampcreator Pro Machine*
  • 24 black 1438 stamp mounts (3/8" x 1-3/8")
  • 24 black 1850 stamp mounts (9/16" x 1-13/16")
  • 1 Draft Set for the creation of 150 stamps!

Custom Package

  • 1 FREE Stampcreator Pro Machine*
  • 4 dozen stamps, any size, any colour, you pick!
    (Minimum value of $895.00 before tax)
  • 1 Draft Sets for the creation of 150 stamps!
Machine maintenance and an in-store display are included!

Speak to a sales representative to order your package today!

1-800-265-5957 or

*offer is restricted to first-time buyers who order the introductory package of stamp mounts. Sterling Marking Products Inc. will supply, maintain ownership, maintenance and service of one SC-2000 Stampcreator Pro machine in your location, as per the Stampcreator Pro machine agreement