Stamping 101: An Introduction to All Things Stamps

By: Paige Schnarr


The art of stamping is an enjoyable and creative craft utilized by both DIYers and artists. There are a variety of stamps to choose from, with each stamp possessing their own benefits. The best part about our stamps is that they are completely customizable to your wants and needs! Every day we make stamps for a wide variety of clients and businesses, each with their own unique design.

Here is your ultimate guide to some of the different types of stamps we offer so you can feel a little less overwhelmed the next time you embark on a stamping adventure!


Self-inking stamps are not only a time saver but save space too, with the ink pad already built within the stamp. When pressed down, the stamp, which rests up against the ink pad, releases and flips around to stamp the surface. This type of stamp lasts 2000-4000 impressions before needing a replacement pad or re-inking. It is perfect for repetitive stamping, making a quick but crisp impression each time.


Pre-inked stamps differ from self-inking stamps since when pressed down, they directly stamp the surface without any moving parts. The pre-inked stamp lasts longer than the self-inking, stamping up to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked. The pre-inked stamp leaves the highest quality impression but may require rest in between uses. They are most commonly used for custom logos and signature stamps because of their incredible grasp for detail!

Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps have been a classic cult favourite for many years. As the most economical stamp, rubber stamps are a staple in both business and home settings. They add a rustic and special touch to anything you use them on. Although they require a separate ink pad, the wooden handle allows for comfort and control for a traditional stamping experience.

Switch Stamp

The Switch Stamp requires 3 easy steps: click, stamp and switch. What makes this stamp special is that it has an interchangeable textplate as well as an interchangeable built-in ink pad. From 14 different ink colours to choose from, this stamp makes customization effortless.


Make your mark with any one of our wonderful stamps. All stamps can create any custom impression (logos, signatures etc.) and are great for any craft project, business, invitation and more! Simply visit our site under ‘Stamps’, choose your desired stamp and pick from one of our unique designs!

--Happy Stamping!