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Why Sterling?
Working at Sterling means embracing diverse people, ideas and perspective. As a team, we work together to evolve our workplace culture and encourage our people to feel valued and engaged.  

At Sterling, you will join an exceptional group of people who are committed to developing the services and solutions that differentiate us in the industry. We strive to create and maintain an open and accessible working environment. We are committed to equal employment opportunities for all.


About Sterling
Founded in 1945, Sterling Marking Products is a proud, innovative, Canadian company, that has grown into one of North America’s largest manufacturers of custom marking products who have become much more than stamps. We have product solutions for all industry and business types with our diverse range of marking, signage, printing, graphics, legal, and industrial products. Quality products, exceptional customer service, over 100 amazing employees, and worldwide sales is the foundation of what makes Sterling a recognized industry leader and your dedicated business products supplier. Thank you for choosing Sterling, we look forward to sharing your success.


Our Values
To our clients: integrity, innovation and effective solutions.

To our company: commitment, enthusiasm and talent.

To each other: respect, support and partnership.

To our comunity: involvement, compassion and responsible action.

To our competitors: inspiration and leadership.


We are always looking for talented and skilled people.



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